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Without You by Anthony Rapp

Photo Credit: Russ Rowland

New York Musical Theatre Festival and Royal Family Productions successfully produced “Without You”, written and performed by Anthony Rapp.  Rapp presents his turbulent journey through the convergence of two life-changing events: the early days of Rent – including the untimely passing of Jonathan Larson – and the illness and death of his own mother. Based on his New York Times best-selling memoir, Rapp uses a mix of original music and songs by Larson in a stunning one-man show about grief, hope, and triumph.

“Without You” then went on to have a successful run at The Modern Theatre in Boston, co-produced by RFP and the Menier Chocolate Factory.

To read more about it, Click Here and Here!

The Water Dream by Shawn Cody

The Water Dream is an award winning original new rock musical starring Anthony Rapp, star of the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize Winning Broadway smash and blockbuster film Rent. Produced by Royal Family Productions, The Water Dream was an Official Selection of The New York Musical Theater Festival 2013.

In Boston, when his brilliant and beautiful girlfriend dumps him, Colin Burns (Anthony Rapp) an unimaginative writer, is haunted by a dragon, a terrifying illusion from his tragic childhood. Colin’s sci-fi-fantasy-loving uncle convinces him to write a fantasy novel (that features swimming whales, walking whales, and flying whales), wherein he can defeat this demon. But can Colin confront tragedy, embrace imagination, and defeat the dragon, all in time to save his real life? Dude. Generation X with a Hero Complex.

Four Last Things by Lisa Tierney-Keogh

Photo by Russ Rowland

Royal Family Productions presented the US Premiere of Four Last Things by playwright Lisa Tierney-Keogh, and directed by Chris Henry in the Spring of 2014. Four Last Things starred Justin Hagan*, Elizabeth A. Davis*, and Victor Verhaeghe. The show ran four weeks, with almost a full-house every night. The show received an honored review by award-winning journalist Fintan O’Toole in The Irish Times.

Janey is stuck on her family farm, yearning for a way out. With a father she can’t talk to, and a dog that can’t talk back, Janey questions everything she holds so dear. Four Last Things is an emotionally charged journey through a young woman’s battle with herself.

Dedalus Lounge by Gary Duggan

Photo Credit: Russ Rowland

The Interart Theatre and RFP presented Dedalus Lounge written by Irish playwright Gary Duggan at the Interart Theatre Annex January 2012. Cast members included  Anthony Rapp and Dee Roscioli and James Kautz. It was directed by Chris Henry with choreography by JoAnn M. Hunter and original songs by Anthony Rapp and Daniel A. Weiss.

“Mesmerizing!  Earnest and odd, tender and disturbing.”  – The New York Times.  Read the full review.

Born Blue by Caren Lyn Tackett

Photo Credit: Russ Rowland

Lunaseed and RFP  presented a workshop of Born Blue, written by Caren Tackett and directed by Anthony Rapp. It is an existential rock and soul musical with advanced digital media, rich costume and make-up design, and a bluesy indie-rock score.

Safe Home by Sean Cullen

Photo Credit: Alex Koch

“This is a bare-bones production in a tiny theater, but the cast and the director, Chris Henry, give it texture and depth” – The New York Times.

The Interart Theatre and RFP produced Sean Cullen’s Safe Home and was extended three times. Read the New York Times review of Safe Home.

Nobody Suspects a Butterfly by Chris Henry with additional writing by Katie Avebe

Royal Family Productions, Inc., has created an original work, entitled Nobody Suspects A Butterfly written by Chris Henry with additional writing by Katie Avebe.

In Winthrop, Maine, (pop. 6,724) within a span of 26 months five former high school athletes committed suicide. The media sought to find reason by focusing on one aspect of the boys’ lives – high school football.  When CNN and Sports Illustrated (see Sports Illustrated article) investigated the story, it became national news. Nobody Suspects A Butterfly is a play based on these true events, told through football, dance, archival footage and interviews.

In 2008, HBO Sports and Ross Greenburg commissioned Henry to write a film treatment for Nobody Suspects A Butterfly.

The last workshop of Nobody Suspects A Butterfly, directed by Chris Henry and choreographed by Dante Puleio, was presented at TBG Theatre in New York City May 2011.

3D Hamlet: A Lost Generation

Photo Credit: Russ Rowland

Royal Family Productions, Inc. presented Fundamental Theater Project’s 3D Hamlet: A Lost Generation in association with Irish Arts Center July 21-24, 2011.  The show was also presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.

Combining classical text and multimedia, Fundamental Theater Project takes you on a journey that speaks not only of one boy’s struggle to avenge his father’s death, but our universal struggle with the issues affecting our society. When do we fight back? Do we fight back? That is the question …

It featured Scott Adsit, Anthony Rapp, and a special video performance by Alec Baldwin as the Ghost of Hamlet’s father, 3D Hamlet explores the devastating consequences of one generation’s actions on another. What is the price we pay?

All photos by Russ Rowland.

Romeo/Juliet in the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Originally a small passion project amongst friends, Romeo/Juliet had grown into a fully realized experimental adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic love story.  Through the use of interpretive movement, original music, and a creative ensemble cast, the production sought to highlight the universality of the well-known tale and infuse it with a new and modern life. The director and cast were all members or graduates of the department of drama and dance at Hofstra University and were thrilled to be partnering with Royal Family Productions to bring this new piece to the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Romeo/Juliet was performed in two workshop performances at The BACCA Center in Lindenhurst, NY in June and also as part of The Chain’s Unchained Theatre Festival.


Homo the Musical
Photo Credit: Russ Rowland

Moustache Ride Entertainment in association with Royal Family Productions proudly presented “HOMO THE MUSICAL!” ALIENS, ROCK-N-ROLL, GOD, GAYS AND GUTS!  Homo the Musical was written and directed by Lola Rock-N-Rolla, with music & lyrics by Gina Volpe, and choreography by Aliane Baquerot

When an extreme religious, Middle American suburb is infiltrated by an alien from the Planet Homo posing as a suburban housewife, will the good folk of Pleasant Valley Pines notice before the whole town erupts in chaos and depravity?

To read more about it Click Here!

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